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The Division of Student Affairs

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Exploring Plant-Based Meal Options

WSU Dining Services attends national training program to discover new plant-based recipes and create healthy meals that are good for the body and the environment.

Campus Resources Available During Challenging Times

Our university belongs to all of us, and we are all valued members of the Cougar Nation. It's important for students to know what resources are available for them here on our campus.

Welcome, Mary Jo Gonzales!

Mary Jo Gonzales Mary Jo Gonzales, a senior administrator with the University of Rhode Island, has been selected as the new vice president for Student Affairs at Washington State University.

She will assume her new position on Feb. 6. Gonzales will be responsible for the non-curricular aspects of student life at WSU and will be charged with ensuring that an exceptional university experience is accessible to all students. She will oversee student health & wellness; student access, equity & achievement; administrative services/auxiliaries and the Dean of Students office.